How to use Passport 4 Golfers

Passport 4 Golfers is a passport sized booklet containing a number of top quality golf courses in different regions (each region has its own passport).

Passport 4 Golfers with the affiliated Golf Courses offers the passport holder one FREE round of golf at each and every participating golf course for referring 3 other paying players who together play in the same 4 ball.


The Passport 4 Golfers is valid for 18 months from date of first game or until redeemed by the passport holder, which ever happens earlier. Only one voucher may be used per 4 ball at any time and only at the participating golf courses to which the voucher in the passport is dedicated.


Bookings are essential for each round of golf at each golf course. Once a Passport holder arrives at one of the courses in the Passport and meets the requirements, his/her Passport will be stamped on that specific golf course page, which means that the course has been played and that page will be deemed to have been redeemed and cannot be used again. You now move onto the next Golf Course (No particular order).

The Passport holder’s game is FREE at each and every course. The 3 paying players, playing together with the passport holder in the same 4 ball, will be required to pay the rate on the day of that particular golf course, not a cent more. A select few courses are offering the 3 paying players a preferred rate.

Passport 4 Golfers has been designed to offer AFFORDABLE GOLF, for golfers to experience the hospitality of other courses and for those participating golf courses to showcase their beauty.